1. Why cashless payment?

We, Live Nation Austria GmbH, have entrusted the catering service provider Gastrobüro GmbH & Co. KG, Ferropolisstraße 1, 06773 Gräfenhainichen (hereinafter “Gastrobüro”) with organising catering and merchandising on the event site, including a cashless payment system. This is because cashless payment simplifies payment on the event site and reduces waiting times. You don’t need to carry cash or cash cards around with you. You can see how much you have spent and have your cashless payment chip blocked if there are any problems.

2. How does cashless payment work?

You will receive a wristband or a card with a chip which you can top up with credit that you can then use to pay. To do this, you have to hold the chip up to a reader when paying.

Gastrobüro does not operate the payment system itself, which is instead handled by Gastrobüro’s co-operation partner Weezevent (, 10 Rue Morice, 92110 Clichy (France). If you pay for something at the event (e.g. merchandise/food & drinks), the provider becomes your contractual partner for these purposes. If there is something wrong with the goods/services, you should contact the provider; Weezevent only processes the payment.

3. How do I get the chip?

You will receive the chip at the entrance to the event site when you show your ticket.

4. How do I get credit onto the chip?

You can top up your chip at the top-up stations on site or online. If you want to top up your chip online, you must first set up a virtual account. You can also do this before the start of the event. You can find the link to set up a virtual account and top up your chip online on the event website or by clicking  here . If your chip is empty and you want to spend some more, you can top up at the top-up stations on site or – if you have already set up a virtual account – online. A fee may apply for certain transactions, such as when topping up with PayPal credit.

5. Can I see my credit balance?

You can see your current credit balance during the payment process at all sales stands at the event and at the top-up stations on site. If you have already set up a virtual account, you can call up your credit balance and all previous payment transactions online.

6. How can I pay with the chip?

If you want to pay with the chip, hold it up to the reader at the sales stand. After payment, the reader will show you the remaining balance on the chip. If an unexpected amount has been debited, please resolve this directly on site so that the transaction can be cancelled where appropriate.

Please note that you cannot cancel payments that you have initiated yourself. If you are unable to resolve the problem on site, please use the contact addresses listed at the end of this information.

Take good care of your chip, as others can also use the credit balance if you lose or share the chip. You will not receive a refund for this.

7. What happens if my chip doesn’t work or I no longer have it?

If there are technical problems with the chip, you can have it blocked and receive a new chip with your credit balance transferred free of charge.

You can also have your chip blocked if you no longer have it and receive a new chip with your credit balance transferred.

If you have any questions, please contact the contact addresses  listed at the end of this document.

8. Is my chip personalised or anonymous?

An individual chip ID is stored on your chip, which is linked to your name and email address, and stored in your virtual account. This data is required for refunds and transferring your credit balance. A record is also made in your virtual account of when, at which sales stand location and what amount was debited from the chip. This data is required to settle accounts with the vendors on site and helps Gastrobüro to improve its range of goods and services in the future. You can find further information on data processing here . You may not transfer your chip to another person (such as by giving it away or selling it). However, you can of course give it to a friend to bring you a drink.

9. How do remaining balance refunds work?

A prerequisite for refunds of the unused balance on your chip is that you have set up a virtual account.

If you want your remaining balance to be refunded as quickly as possible, you must submit your refund request via your virtual account within four weeks after the end of the event. The balance will then be refunded to you by Weezevent within 14 days without interest.

Once four weeks have passed after the end of the event , you must send your request for a refund by email to Gastrobüro (email address: []). Please do not forget to include your bank details. The credit balance will then be refunded to you without interest by Gastrobüro.

Please keep the chip until you have received your refund. You cannot transfer the right to a refund to anyone else. Discount promotions and other promotions for which nothing was paid are non-refundable.

10. Can I use my credit balance for another event?

No, you can only use the chip with your credit balance at this event.

11. Who can I contact if I have problems?

We have our own crew who have a lot of experience with cashless systems and can answer all your questions.

You can contact the crew before the start of the event via the Cashless support email address: [].

We have our own helpdesk at the event where you can get qualified help, so you can get back to partying right away. The opening hours can be found at the helpdesk or by clicking here

After the end of the event, the crew will be available again via the Cashless support email address