!! You can still contact the Ticketmaster team at with the subject “Rolling Loud Travel Ticket” if you need a code. The team will get back to you as soon as possible.

You will be able to book your travel ticket without a deadline after receiving the code. Please note that some slots are already fully booked!

Our travel survey tells us that too many festivalgoers want to come by train. However, there is not enough train capacity for this. To make sure you still arrive on time, we are asking all fans to consider travelling with the free shuttle bus from Vienna or by car as an alternative.

Whatever the case, a free of charge travel ticket is required. Please note that one travel ticket is required per festival day, which includes both your journey to and from the festival. For day tickets, travel must be booked for the relevant festival day, while for weekend festival tickets, a travel ticket must be booked for each day. NOTE: Booking multiple travel tickets per day may result in your festival ticket being blocked!.





Your help is therefore crucial. Corresponding planning will ensure the most stress-free journey possible.

Please help us with this and book your travel ticket now at the latest. The earlier you book, the more flexibility you have when choosing your means of travel. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


Free car parking is available to enable festivalgoers to arrive and depart independently. Please book your free CAR TRAVEL TICKET with a corresponding day (PKW)to reserve a parking space. For travelling by car, one TRAVEL TICKET per vehicle per day is required. Please note that for a Weekend Festival Ticket, one PKW/CAR TRAVEL TICKET must be booked per day. All travel tickets are limited.

Please note: Only the driver must book a car travel ticket. All other passengers do not need a ticket.
One ticket per car, not per person!

The Racino site in Ebreichsdorf is located on the southeast A3 autobahn. From the north, we recommend taking the A3 to the “Ebreichsdorf Nord” exit. From the south take the E59 and the “Baden” exit via Oberwaltersdorf or the A3 to the “Ebreichsdorf West” exit. Please follow the instructions of the festival staff on site and the signposting so you can be quickly directed to the designated parking areas.

Please allow plenty of time for parking, getting to the festival site and swapping tickets (wristband issue point). We recommend that you leave plenty of time for your journey to the festival.

Please keep in mind that the footpaths back to the car parks at the end of each festival day differ to the ones you use on arrival. Think of this like a roundabout. This route back is only open at the end of each festival day.

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(Please note that the timeslots are limited!)

Easy shuttle bus directly from Vienna to the festival. Our free shuttles run between Vienna MARX HALLE and the festival site, where we have set up special bus stops.

Secure a free bus travel ticket!

Book your free BUS TRAVEL TICKET (BUS TRAVEL TICKET HIER) to secure a place on the bus. The tickets are valid for certain time windows for the journey to the festival. There are no timeslots for the return journey.

Just like any major event, the return journey will require a lot of patience, as the frequency may result in long waiting times. Please be considerate and avoid pushing. Alternatively, travelling to and from the festival by car is possible.

Arrival information
Route: Vienna MARX HALLE bus terminal > Racino festival site bus terminal

Location in Vienna: The bus station is located in Vienna Sankt Marx in the open space next to MARX HALLE: Google Maps

Operating hours: from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
To avoid waiting times, it is essential to book a bus travel ticket (BUS TRAVEL TICKET HIER) by 04 July 2024, 8.00 a.m.!

Important information

  • • At the bus terminal in Vienna/MARX HALLE you will receive a shuttle wristband when you show a booking confirmation for the free bus travel ticket. This allows you to travel to the festival and back free of charge on the festival days at the times you have booked.
  • • The wristband must be worn visibly.
  • • Please do not eat or drink on the bus.

Nächste U-Bahnstationen am Busterminal in Wien an der MARX HALLE

  • • Schlachthausgasse (U-Bahn) U3
  • • Erdberg (U-Bahn) U3

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Departure info
Route: Festival site bus terminal > Vienna MARX HALLE bus terminal

Operating hours: Last departure 2:20 a.m.

Follow the signs from the festival site to the bus station.

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Please bear in mind that there may be long waiting times at the bus terminal for the return journey.

Helpful apps
Use the U-Bahn and Wiener Linien app for up-to-date information and directions:


Travel free of charge by train. – Please note: limited capacity!

Please keep in mind that limited capacity may result in long waiting times when travelling to and from the festival. We therefore recommend travelling to and from the festival every day by car or bus as an alternative.

Regular and special trains will run to Ebreichsdorf station from the north and south. You can board the regular trains at all regular stops. Please redeem your free TRAIN TRAVEL TICKET (ZUG/TRAIN TRAVEL TICKET HIER) to secure your place on the train. The TRAIN TRAVEL TICKETS are valid for certain time slots, so book your preferred time slot for the journey to the festival right now. There are no timeslots for the return journey.

Shuttle buses operate between Ebreichsdorf railway station and the festival site.

We urge you to be patient when leaving the festival, as long waiting times are to be expected at major events.

Consideration for others and no pushing are the marks of experienced festivalgoers.

Arrival info
Railway station shuttle route: Ebreichsdorf railway station > Festival site bus terminal

Get on: the shuttle bus at the railway station

Get off: at the festival site at the bus terminal along Magna-Racino-Allee, south-east of the ticket swap location (wristband issue point).

Journey time: Approx. 15 minutes

Operating hours: from 8:30 a.m.

Departure info
Railway station shuttle route: BuFestival site bus terminal > Ebreichsdorf railway station

Getting on: Guests can get on at the festival site at the bus terminal along Magna-Racino-Allee, south-east of the ticket swap location (wristband issue point).

Get off: at Ebreichsdorf railway station.

Pay attention to the signs on the way to the boarding points. Please follow the arrows in the direction of “Shuttlebus Bahnhof” (“railway station shuttle bus”) and join the queue accordingly.

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The waiting time may be several hours.



Free parking spaces are available close to the festival site for festivalgoers with disabilities. You will need your disabled pass and your festival ticket as proof. The route from the car park to the ticket swap location (wristband issue point) is wheelchair accessible.

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A taxi zone has been set up at the festival site. The taxi zone is located at P1. From there you can walk to the festival site.

Please note that the footpath on departure is different from the one on arrival! Please be considerate of others and don’t push!

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If you want to be brought to the festival and then picked up again, you can use the Kiss & Ride area. This drop-off / pick-up area is located in car park P1. From there you can walk to the festival site.

Please note that the footpaths when arriving and when departing are different.

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Existing cycle paths can be used to get to the festival by bicycle. Separate bicycle parking spaces are available at car park P2 and the campsite. In both areas, grids will be set up to which bicycles can be locked.

Please do not park your bikes in other areas where they block paths or gates. Please also do not lock your bikes to construction fences. Use the paths and parking spaces provided for bicycles. Bicycles must be pushed on paths shared by cyclists and pedestrians.

Please note that the footpath on departure is different from the one on arrival!

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Pedestrians from Ebreichsdorf can use the footpath to the east of Magna-Racino-Allee to reach the event site directly from the northern roundabout.

There are designated footpaths from the car parks to the festival site. Please follow the signs.

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The campsite is located in an exclusive, closed-off area near the festival site. A separate camping ticket is required for camping. This must be purchased in advance from the ticket shop:

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  • • Short walk from your car to the camper parking site on P3: approx. 5 min.
  • • Short walk from the campsite to the festival site: approx. 5 mins

Taking the E59, and the Baden exit, or the A3, and the Ebreichsdorf West exit, will get you on the B210 towards Magna Racino. Follow the signs on Magna-Racino-Allee and turn left after the dog training school.

The earliest you can depart from the camper parking site is 3 a.m. every day.

On departure, please ensure that you follow the designated routes. Please bear in mind that there will be long waiting times on departure.

Thank you so much for your understanding and your cooperation!


In order to make the DEPARTURE as stress-free and safe as possible for all of you, please follow our recommendations. Please use the same means of transportation for your departure as you did for your arrival. You do not need to book a separate travel ticket for the return journey at a fixed time slot.

From 22:00 p.m. on, our busses will run regularly to Ebreichsdorf station and to Vienna MARX HALLE – there is plenty of means of transportation available! Stay relaxed, enjoy the warm summer evenings and please don’t all leave the festival grounds at the same time. The program on the Snipes Stage runs until 00:00 a.m., so have fun with us! We have an extensive program for you: the food court offers cool drinks and a variety of food. Discover the chill-out corners, meet new people and soak in the atmosphere! No need to rush off! Relax and let the evening fade away.

Nonetheless – please be prepared for longer waiting times on your return journey.


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